Clarius launches wireless ultrasound scanners with advanced features

Canada-based healthcare technology firm Clarius Mobile Health has launched the latest Clarius App 3.1 Eclipse wireless handheld ultrasound scanner with advanced features and options.

Available on the App Store and Google Play, Clarius Ultrasound Scanners are developed as a visual stethoscope for clinicians and allow quick scans, as well as guide short procedures.

The Clarius C3 multipurpose ultrasound scanner can be used to image abdomen and lungs, and additionally includes a virtual phased array for quick scan of the heart, while the Clarius L7 is designed to guide procedures and image superficial structures. 

Clarius Mobile Health Product Innovation director Kris Dickie said: "Clarius Eclipse is our most important software release since we introduced the Clarius Wireless Ultrasound Scanner.

"It enables new features for all users and many premium options including colour / power doppler, spatial compounding for even better imaging, needle enhancement and three-in-one imaging capability on our C3 scanner." 

The new Clarius Eclipse comes with increased capabilities for annotations to automatically monitor heart rate during cardiac scanning and for easy measurement of bladder volume.

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