Sensing Plant Equipment with ADAM Remote I-O Modules

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More and more enterprise are transforming their shop floor from machine to machine into connected dots to best prepare themselves for the needs from the ever-changing business realm - faster response, flexibility and customization.

By monitoring the status of equipment and WIP (Work in Process), it ensures a smoother production process and reduce machine downtime. Furthermore, it shortens the production lead time thus enterprises can have a faster respond to the market in a timely, more flexible and customized perspective.

Successful Cases that Inspire

   Plant Equipment Monitoring and Optimization 

           Often the machine status takes various sensor to monitor, and the shop floor of the plant are fully equipped with a thorough layout design which makes the revamp planning a complicated task. Advantech ADAM modules are suitable for various application based on sensor and networking specification requirements.    


Work in Process Monitoring

To optimize the production process, also to ensure the quality of the product, the product line needs to be monitored systematically typically with a internal Manufacturing Execution System. For well control the storage environment quality and ensure the product information to be precise, the robust design and a 23-year-reliability of ADAM I/O module makes it the ideal choice for data acquisition  

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