Radiation Scanner

Radiation Scanner DT 9501 9501 radiation scanner is a tested precision instrument, reliably measures not only γ rays, but 、β and X rays as well. It allows multifuctions such as dose accumulating, maximum recording, hand-operated store, data transfer to PC in realtime, data analysis etc. Low power consumption ensures that the testing data will be not lost for several years. 9501 is with bluetooth function for data tranferring, analysis,editting, storage and sharing The top of 9501 can be rotated and easily used for α, β, γ and Χ rays selection
  • Large LCD display
  • High precision
  • Internal memory
  • Data evaluation by PC
  • Low power consumption
  • Bluetooth interface
  • Date reset


  • Ray types α, β, γ and Χ rays
  • Range Radiation dose rate: 0.01μSv/h - 1000μSv/h Impulse dose rate: 0-30,000cpm, 0-5,000cps Radiation dose accumulation: 0.001μSv –9999Sv Impulse dose accumulation: 0-9999
  • Sensitivity 108pcs impulse or 1000 cpm/mR/hr in Cobalt-60 radial environment with power of 1μSv/h. Alpha ray: from 4 MeV Beta ray: from 0.2 MeV Gamma ray: from 0.02 MeV X ray: from 0.02 MeV
  • Ray selection switch α, β, γ and Χ rays selection
  • Sensor Halogen filled detector
  • Output port Bluetooth
  • Display Dual LCD display, numeric with all inspection data, with bar chart.
  • Alert Can set alert value free, default set:5μSv/hr
  • Accuracy Typical 15%
  • Storage Can store 2000 data automatically or by manually
  • Detector working temperature 0 to 50
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