Professional InfraRed Video Thermometers DT 9862S

9860/9861/9862/9863/9865 Series Professional Infrared Video Thermometers with 2.2” color TFT LCD display & a microSD memory card for capturing images(JPEG) or video(3GP) for viewing on your PC, providing fast, easy and accurate readings for most surface temperature measurements. The measurement of dewpoint will be very visiable for wet and dry proof. These serials products are with international patent and good hands for industrial measurements and data analyzing. The user can be back in office to analyze the measured Infrared temperature readings under the support of software.
  • High 75 : 1/ 50 : 1 distance to target ratio measures smaller surface areas at greater distances
  • IR temperature measurement
  • Air temperature and type K probe temperature measurement
  • Relative humidity measurement
  • Wet bulb temperature & dewpoint temperature measurement
  • Unique flat surface, modern housing design
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