Professional True RMS Industrial Multimeter DT 9989

Professional True RMS Industrial Multimeter DT 9989 9989 Professional True RMS Industrial Digital Multimeter with oscilloscope functions and TFT color LCD display, providing fast A/D converting sampling time, high accuracy, built-in datalogging and Trend Capture feactures. Meterbox iMM software & cloud server support to transfer the measured data to the customer's smartphone for edit and storage.

Safety Conformance

  • EN61010-1 CAT IV 600V, CAT III 1000V
  • 1000V input protection on all ranges
  • 10A/1000V & 0.8A/1000V fuses protection on current ranges


  • Large 50,000 count 320 x 240 TFT color LCD display
  • 20MHz/50MS/s bandwidth/Real time sample rate
  • Logging function with Trend Capture for easy review of logged data
  • Bluetooth PC interface for easy data transfer & accuracy calibration
  • 100kHz bandwidth (voltage/current)
  • AC, AC+DC true-RMS measurements
  • 0.025% DCV accuracy with Fully PC Calibration
  • Saves measurements, records events and trends
  • 20 Times/sec. A/D convert fast sampling time
  • Peak capture (records transients as fast as 250μs)
  • Min/Max/Average with Time stamp (records signal fluctuations)
  • Moto winding and low ohm (50Ω) measurement range
  • Low pass filter
  • IP Rating 67 & CATIII 1000V/CATIV 600V
  • Bluetooth interface to smartphone / PC.
  • Meterbox iMM & cloud service
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