Machine QA

Machine QA

A complete range of solutions

A complete range of hardware and software solutions providing full coverage of tests related to dosimetry, safety, medical imaging, MLC QA,...and more!


myQA Machines

With plug-ins for all needs, myQA Machines is the covering the required tests related to dosimetry, safety, medical imaging, MC QA.… and more

  • IBA Dosimetry myQA Machines plug inGeneric tests & customizable protocols
  • Full coverage of tests with a flexible scheduling tool
  • Interface to myQA Cockpit for quick access to all QA data
  • Comprehensive analysis, archiving, and reporting tools
  • Protocol based machine QA (including TG-142)

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Primus A

Test Device for Quality Checks at
Digital and Conventional Radiographic and Fluoroscopic X-ray Units


MagicMaX Universal

High-end Multimeter solution for Beam QA in all X-ray modalities


IBA Dosimetry - X-Lite


Light Field Alignment Checks.


MatriXX - Universal Detector Array

Fastest. Most Accurate. Most Reliable.


StarTrack* Detector

Integrated protocol-based QA. Comprehensive and Efficient!


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