Product Properties

  1. Patented, screwless fastening technology
  2. Galvanised, powder-coated substructure made from precision profiles
  3. Flexible single- or double-sided panelling made from various materials
  4. Flexible wall thicknesses of up to 1500 mm, superior installability
  5. Integrated hot-water heating or electric panel heating systems
  6. Integrated functional elements (monitors, cupboards, media supply systems) suitable for cleanrooms
  7. Superior construction properties (soundproofing, fire protection and x-ray protection)
  8. Particle-resistant and diffusion-resistant sealing of wall surfaces
  9. Best hospital practice
  10. X-ray protection
  11. Fire protection for up to 90 minutes
  12. Soundproofing up for 50 dB
  13. Maximum industrial pre-fabrication, tailor-made “plug-and-play” elements,
  14. pre-installed integrated media supply
  15. Joint-free, hygienic surfaces made from steel and glass
  16. Very short installation time
  17. Microbicidal surfaces, no concealed, accessible cavities
  18. Panel-integrated curtain walling that is scratch- and impact-resistant
  19. Particle-resistant and diffusion-resistant sealing of wall surfaces
  20. Hygienic surfaces
  21. Resistant to under- and overpressure (-/+ 300 Pa)
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